Drops against Oblivion (or looking for the lost Homeland), vol. I

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1983, and left the country when I was nine years old. The reason for that was war, but my childhood somehow protected me from fully understanding what the horrors of war are. I was taught to live in the present, to look forward to the future and to let the past stay in the past. I generally feel free from some borders that people, wars and history have shaped. Rootless would be the closest picture of my concept of national identity and if any place defines me as a person it would be planet Earth, not any particular country. But still, coming back to Bosnia as a photographer brought to the surface some feelings that I wasn’t expecting. In just a few days I saw so much suffering, pain, ugliness and poverty that I thought I couldn’t handle it. The worst was the feeling that neither I nor my art could change anything or help anyone. These photographs are just small drops against oblivion, a mosaic of what was left from my homeland in me.


2 thoughts on “Drops against Oblivion (or looking for the lost Homeland), vol. I

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