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In time period of one hundred days I have showed the project “Drops against oblivion (or looking for the lost homeland)” in 12 different places, from Berlin to Istanbul, crossed thousands of kilometers, met hundreds of people and experienced not only things that were on my schedule. It truly was a journey of my life time, during which I have learned, besides other things, two important lessons: To make a home everywhere I am at the moment and to let out control by trusting people. I made hundreds of photographs along the way and heard or collected many stories, mostly by asking people 10 same questions everywhere I came. The results of the project will be presented here, on my blog and facebook page.

1 /// What does a word border bring to your mind?

The first thing that comes to my mind is isolation. Borders isolate feelings, mentality, languages, and pleasures. Actually, they isolate people.

When I think of borders, I think of the Berlin wall. And I think even further about how a wall can be torn down, how people can take the power in their hands and become free. The power belongs to people. Borders can be imaginary or real, but both are as equally important. And only we have the power to destroy them.

The word border brings to mind pictures of the Earth taken from outer space. There are no borders when we look at it from that point of view. All the borders are created by governments and states. But those are unseen from space.

Borders are so present in the lives of humans that it’s hard for us to imagine life without them. Borders shape our lives. There are not just borders between countries, but the borders in society, borders in our minds, borders of imagination. I think it’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest goal in life to tear these borders down and free ourselves in all possible ways – but without losing connection, love and solidarity. That might be the biggest challenge.

An artificial construct created by those in power. Seemingly to put things in order, but often failing to consider the complexity of human relationships – relationships with each other, between different cultures, human relationships with land and country. Borders seek to define in black and white what something is and what something isn’t – who one group of people is and who they are not. As westerners we often like things to fit neatly into boxes – into certain categories. But life is complicated and sometimes borders fail to embrace the full diversity of our human existence.

Border…half of the inhale. Half of the step. And then a thought: Should I go further?

Schengen, embassy, visa.

Border means „unsolved problem“.

Control; end of something and beginning of something new; freedom; prison.

Armed customs officers who see smugglers in all of us.

My neighbor doesn’t know borders of his own property and wants to take a bit of mine too.

Brave ones don’t have borders, they don’t make them, but they put down the existing ones. I want to be brave!

Borders = Illusion

Border = isolation, alienation, solitude, war, state, path.

Hard breathing, claustrophobia, predictability, security and conformity.

Empty middle.

Limits of liberty.

Festung Europa, Fortress Europe.

Schengen, kebab, sodomy.



Mind, death.

2 /// What does your homeland mean to you and how does it shape your identity?

Responsibility and guilt.

My homeland, it is like past tense.

It is my roots and my past but does not have to shape my future.

Yugoslavia, ideology of communism, mixed marriage, Non-Aligned Movement, freedom.

Green cherry three above the wall that goes around the house. Homeland is personal picture of my childhood, and not any nation.

My homeland is when I sit in Yellow tabija in Sarajevo, when I drive my bike with my friend in Potsdam, when I’m swimming in Tisa in Čurug. When they say „Here is like at home“, they don’t think about the home (house), but it’s just nice. Home is where it’s nice.

Motherland somehow means „history“ of yours. Either you accept it and carry the identity or you throw it away and become an empty paper.

Homeland to me means the place where I was born. Australia is a country that is far removed from the rest of the world in many ways. As I was growing up I didn’t have much of a perception of the US, Europe, Africa or anywhere else in the world. I didn’t have anything different to compare my homeland to and everyone was more or less the same. So ‘being Australian’ doesn’t really mean much to me because I am just the way I am.

My homeland is where my heart is. It sounds like a phrase, but it’s truth.

My homeland is Vojvodina, and not Serbia, and there is a huge difference between those two concepts. Vojvodina is my home, and Serbia is undestined state to which this one belong.

My homeland puts borders in front of me, because many things in it don’t function. Remembering my other homeland, the one I was born in, before the war, brings nicer emotions.

Internet as homeland.

Homeland is psychological construct.

I guess homeland is not the country I come from, but is based on my friends and where they are. I hope that eventually will feel at home in myself rather than in a specific geographic location.

Homeland is myth country of my childhood. It fucked me up in the beginning. I carry it with me and I carry on with it.

My homeland is planet Earth. Earth is making me love myself more and more. It’s sad to be part of the collective that tortures the Earth, all that lives on it, and themselves.

It means lots of things, positive and negative as well. Love, hate, ignorance, goodness, conditionings, old as heritage but also old as “almost not moving forward”. In my identity it definitely creates a paradox.

I’m a regionalist. Concept of Croatia in a broader sense restricts me.

Honestly, I don’t know what my homeland means to me, especially our Republic Croatia. Probably we are in love-hate relationship, or pride-prejudices. I must admit that I’m more regionally oriented to Dalmatia. Language is something that connects people more than borders of nations.

Childhood, something near and simultaneously very far away from who I have become.

My homeland is a green place I left as a child never to return, so now it is a kind of dream. My identity is vaguely European, which for me is a concept, not geography.

Luckily, I have three homelands. BiH, where I was born. Croatia, where I lived. And Serbia, where I am now.

Homeland means when I feel safe and when I know that if I find myself in trouble, my friends will help me. Homeland is making beautiful food and eating together. Feeling free about expressing yourself, but also having some fear about losing, because I love so much all the people in my life. Homeland is my life, my experiences, my loves, my sisters, my books. My homeland is me.

3 /// Why do you think history repeats itself with same old hates and mistakes?

I think one reason is that every human who is born has to grow up and learn, do mistakes and face similar challenges in a way. Experience is hard to communicate. People don’t believe you when you say that running after success, or fame or money will make them unhappy. They have to try!

Money and desire to be „in power“.

Everything is circular.

Selective listening and ignorance.

People insist too much on one identity, not seeing plurality of identities. That plurality decrees intensity of conflict. It’s less possible that Serbian punk rocker will attack Croatian punk rocker, because they are sharing one sparkle of identity.

The history is repeating because we don’t learn empathy in school. The society constructions are made to make us more individualistic and less humans.

Because in its core people don’t change.

Because people are idiots.

Old habits die hard.

I don’t think history repeats itself.

Stupidity is always the same, only the time change.

Differentiation always happens.

We’re only human. We just don’t know any better.

Maybe because people learn from history just for one or two generations. The collective mind forgets and the cycle starts again…

History repeats itself because human nature doesn’t change, regardless of time, circumstances, customs and cultural conditions. The main drive of human beings is to strive for power struggle and to elevate themselves.

Because every person/group of people/generation operates under the illusion that they are different from the rest and aren’t capable of recognizing the same patterns.

Because we are human and processes of society are not mistakes, no matter how horrible they were from the perspective of morality.

Because they didn’t get rid of imperialist impulses in themselves.

We didn’t evolve, we didn’t embrace the other, the different.

The Stone Age lasted roughly 3.4 million years. Humans as spices of today – the modern humans (anatomically), emerged 200.000 years ago. Stone age ended 8000 years ago when we entered the Bronze age. The roots of modern civilization started 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia… (I could go on, but let’s stop here). The speed of human scientific, cultural and technological progress grows exponentially. But the problem is that our evolution does not follow up in same pace. Our bodies do not evolve fast enough and our minds / intellect doesn’t expand fast enough. We are still trapped in bodies and the reasoning of people from the Stone Age, but we live in world as it is – only because of thoughts and research made by few people. We can’t even grasp what’s happening around us. We just don’t have the capacity for it.

History will repeat itself as long as people will don’t evolve to the next level of existence. Considering that everything is changing faster lately, we will probably not wait for thousands of years for that higher level. It’s already close. Maybe you (Ines) will live long enough to experience and feel the changes. But you are already working on them!

I think history repeats itself with same old hates and mistakes because hate, greed, selfishness, jealousy, control and manipulation are such strong human traits that require a great deal of effort to overcome. Sadly for those that do, they tend to always be in minority and either outlive their usefulness, ie. die or are wiped out by those that don’t bother trying. Perhaps one day this may change, but I suspect that when I think about history. Actually there is no real progress to date.

History keeps repeating itself because people cannot come to terms with some of their mistakes, they are unable to forgive themselves, and because of that, to others too. Their hatred, bad vibration, bad memories are transmitted to their children, those children to their children and so on. In addition to that, people do not know enough about their history or cannot / do not want to accept. People just do not want to admit that they may have been / are wrong, because if they admit it, life beliefs may split and where would we be? If we do not know our history, if we are not willing to let go of beliefs that are often imposed on us and when we are not ready to leave the past in the past, until then history will repeat itself. Forgive yourself, others and the world for not being perfect. Smile, and move on! Give lots of love to yourself and the world and the present will become better. One day when we turn and take a look into the past it will be brighter too!

4 /// If you could imagine a better world system, how would it look like and what do you think is the path to make it?

Eradication of extreme wealth and extreme poverty.

Equality for all. No race, class and other divisions.

Better system would be the one in which people would live according to the best characteristics of communism.

I give something to you and don’t ask anything in return. It would be a “I give you something” system.

Communism. Through socialism.


Erase humanity.

A better system could be the one where everyone will have their basic existential needs satisfied.

Children should be given stuffed bunnies and teddy bears, and not rifles.

Increase investment in education, healthcare and infrastructure. Stop all investment in weapons. Free Wi-Fi everywhere. Free press. Freedom of religion.

Banks should be abolished. Direct democracy should be established. Techno-manager female team is leading the country, and not the government. Teach all the people to use the internet.

I think a lot about this. Live and let live. Without politics, laws, police, schooling system, money. I don’t know how that system would be and I think it should develop as a natural process in human race, like the next step in our evolution.

Everyone should take care of his „little world“.

Sea, sex and sun.

Art can erase all hate.

Peace, tolerance and respect need to be learned and cherished.

This is an utopian question. I can imagine just small steps of progress (in real sense).

Meritocracy. Similar to the future world in Star Trek where everyone is doing his/hers ideal job.

The path is something like the European Union, without being too utopian or too distantly into the future.

Sustainability, ecology, togetherness and love, love, love.

I imagine a better world system wherein people care for each other and the planet on which our survival is so closely connected. It would consist of fair distribution of wealth and access to opportunities. It would mean those with the money and power who continue to deplete and exploit the resources of the planet for personal gain relinquishing their power, sharing the wealth and trusting that others won’t rise to positions and exploit others in the same way that they have exploited others.

It’s easy to imagine a better world. This one really drooped. When a human awareness comes to a necessary level of development and acknowledge that we are all one and the same. If just love moved the universe, world will become a wonderful place.

5 /// Could you share one of your personal experience connected to any kind of border?

I feel constantly on the border of madness, and it is when people are most controlling themselves, trying desperately to be normal and sane. I feel I will finally cross that border and really go insane.

My first thought of a border was my front door as a child. I was a Jew by birth and as such growing up in East London in 1970-is it was not a great thing to be. From a poor family, no father and a Jew. I was a victim protected by the border of the walls of my house. My border represented freedom and safety from outside oppressors.

Because of narrowness of thinking in our family we were not allowed to live our lives outside of their outlined pattern.

In the year 1995, on the border between Macedonia and Greece our bus waited for 12 hours without any reason. Greek police didn’t give us any explanation, they were just ignoring us and torturing us. The whole bus were prisoners of their stupidity.

Because of my body I could not become a professional dancer. And, I also needed to get married to be able to spend time with the person I love!

A really personal kind of border was „how to be an artist/curator and mother at the same time“? It seems that you have to choose. Most of my experience is that: It doesn’t work. I have to re-structure and re-define myself. But I do not know the answer yet; how to overcome that border in my own and other’s heads.

When a customs officer enters the bus and we all need to pretend to be deadly serious or gently smiling. And all you can hear is the jingling of his equipment.

To stand in a different line from the one in which citizens of the EU stand. Going out of the bus on the border and freezing while you wait in line.

One time police on the border came into the bus with a dog. It was an unbelievable feeling.

Borders don’t exist. They just want to convince us that they have functions and meanings that were imposed on us.

Walking across from Tijuana to USA. How easy it was as an American in such a troubled city. Privileged.

Three weeks ago I found out that platonic love is a border I was creating within myself. I was unable to show love to that guy. Love doesn’t have borders.

My family is present in most of the matters, in my decision making, in my being.

In my region, in northern Italy, many refugees are coming from Africa and they are often rejected, they are sometimes victims of harassment. This is a border, an inner border.

I am often being searched on borders of countries.

Being declared persona non grata by Czechoslovakia in about 1982 for helping „dissidents“.

Border of Georgia and so called South Ossetia is permanently moved. I’ve seen hundreds of children who were forced to move out from home to the camps. It was very sad.

I once got lost on a school trip on the Czech border. We wanted to buy some cheap beer but it was snowing and dark. We lost our way and ended up in some kind of snowy plane. Suddenly we stood in front of a sign warning us about an old minefield. I guess it was from World War two, but I’m not sure. I’m very happy that we didn’t get blown up.

As a son of an officer, I opened my eyes inside the fence of the military area. My first friends were soldiers and the first color I saw around me was military green. When I began my study, all the other people were looking at me as a son of an officer, not who I was and that feeling became my first realization of the borders. Borders were all around – how you look, where you come from, which language you speak and which cell phone you have – all of these appeared as borders and identities. The identity represented the border. I started to prevent feeling my identities, being a Turk, black haired…But that was wrong. There must be some other way to express your identity and keep the borders open.

When I think of borders, i think of my childhood in former GDR (DDR). We were not allowed to travel in so called „West“. There was this border through Berlin and Germany and within the GDR there were borders of things that were allowed to think and speak and do as well. If you were not with the political system, they were spying on you, listening to your phone calls, reading your letters. So there were real borders, a wall. We were allowed to travel to (almost) every other socialist country in the so called „East“. And now it’s the borderland in Europe. Privileged states who have power/money build borders, more restrictive asylum-rights. And the borders in the heads of many people are still there. Thinking of „we“ and „they“, making differences, stubbornness, stereotypes and so on. People with an EU-passport can travel almost everywhere but people who don’t have that privileges are fucked and stacked. And then I think of Neocolonialism. The rich countries take from the one who don’t have so much power. They steal from them, but people from those countries are not allowed to travel freely to USA or EU. The borders around EU are built to protect EU from refugees, whom the EU made poor. I hated the border in Germany because it was as well a restriction of moving and leaving the fucked up GDR. And I hate the borders around the EU. The EU doesn’t take responsibility for it’s economy and politic. It’s a really fucked up power play of the rich who keep up the hierarchy and who are able to make the rules. Just repeating the history with „new clothes“.

6 /// Can you write down three of your most important identities and explain why did you choose them?

Questions about identity are dangerous ones!

Ah I think identities are so limiting – I’m a human being capable of endless possibilities. And I expect the same from everyone else!

Wretch, brother, human.

Creature of cosmos, passenger, friend.

Croat, gay, artist.

A man, a worker and a communist. I didn’t choose those, they chose me.

Lover of art, nature and traveling.

Curator, feminist, intellectual.

Ability to forgive, ability to draw, ability to focus. They calm me down.

Person, woman, mother, doctor, happy person…I didn’t choose them. I just feel them.

Creature. In time. In process. I choose those because they are more natural than the ones I had before – woman, bodily, stabile.

Fair: i believe it plays a vital role in the whole system. Playful: The only way for me to fully relax and feel that it’s okay to be in this world. Sensitive: A way of surviving.

Designer – to produce enjoyment in the consumption of information; Witch – I feel the need to co-create with the universe; Lover – I believe in transformative power of love.

Identities, I have trouble with them. But lets say like this: the one that needs freedom, artist, teacher.

World citizen – because we should all be that as one primary human identity; European – because of the deal of building a federation of people and culture; wanderer – because I don’t like to be tied for any one place or any one identity.

Muslim: An identity I didn’t choose but I am attached to it and proud of it after my own researches. Rocker: Only identity I choose as a way of living, perceiving the world and purpose of life. Turkish: Least important one, inherited yet amazed with its rich history and contribution to past, present and future.

From all the identities I chose just one – language. Language is our ID from which many our other identities can be read. Language identity is not monolithic; it includes every system we identify ourselves with. Language is often misused; it is used to stress national and cultural identities. And I hope that one day, maybe just with thanks to exhibition like this one, that will be changed.

Gay – I identify as a gay man. I think it is an important identity for me because I feel like the gay community is one in which I belong. Being gay always runs a risk of being excluded by the more general community. I think gay people share a collective trauma – many people have shared similar experiences throughout their lives – being bullied, rejection by family and friends or even just being scared to express ones sexuality. Unfortunately, the gay community has a lot of discrimination within itself – body discrimination, being too effeminate, being Asian or black, or old.  Intelligent – This is a gift with which I have been blessed. It allows me to better understand the world in which I function (albeit, sometimes just barely). What a gift!? To be able to better understand, experience and enjoy your world! Damaged – Simply because I am. We are all carrying traumas – often spending a lifetime unwittingly trying to appease them. They are a thing that makes us unique, and the thing that can unite us. My traumas have helped shape my personality, my life events and my interactions with others; perhaps in a more significant way than anything else.

7 /// Which person, if any, you see as a role model in bringing and spreading peace in the world? And why did you choose that one?

Mahatma Gandi: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Tito. Who else could I choose?

Nelson Mandela. After 27 years in hard life circumstances in jail, he forgives his jailers and proceed with his work on uniting the land, of white and black people, after the apartheid.

My mom. as a teacher she teaches new generations about love and tolerance.

With time all of those became the opposite of themselves.

I don’t see one person. That is the mission of all of us.

Brother Frances of Assisi.

Georgian poet – Vazha Pshavela.

Jill Stein – green party USA president.

Bibi Netanyahu.

Pope – you can ask yourself why. I don’t asking myself that question.

Nelson Mandela. For giving black people/South African and the whole continent a voice. For his enduring work and sacrificing himself for the good of loads of people.

You. Because you have all the tools to bring peace to the world. What is needed is to bring more of people like that in one group.

I have many models, and none. I’m searching for a model inside myself, not outside.

Vanda Scaravelli. A friend of Krishnamurti, yoga teacher and inspiringly generous.

Oh that’s a difficult one for me. Peace isn’t just something you can spread like my legs during Sao Paulo gay pride week. I think peace leaks more than it spreads. So perhaps someone who embraces peace in their own life and in doing so allows it to slowly drip from their being – potentially that peace is absorbed into others. The first person who comes to mind is a Christian Brother I know, Gerry Brady. An old, very old man who has the capacity to embrace, love, forgive and love some more everything in this world. In being resolute in his peacefulness I think it somehow gives others the opportunity to do the same. Personally, I appreciate Gerry as a role model because he represents the peace and love that I would like to find in my own life.

One person whom I see as a role model is RuPaul Charles. He’s showed, through mainstream media and while playing with entertainment business rules, that paying attention to yourself, resisting offensive norms and becoming a person you want to be is possible, necessary and liberating. He is repeating over and over that self-love is the key to harmony and to openness. To eternal love. On top of that he admitted that his soul/basis thinking is quite dark, but that he chooses to tame it and use his brighter qualities and abilities. In other words, he ephasizes the idea that individuals have power over themselves, and can therefore make their life better, to make others see they can do it too. Self-love, willpower, importance of choices…while also carrying the idea that everyone is worthy of something.

8 /// How would you try to break stubborn hate of a person who experienced war camp, who was tortured, and survived?



Hugging, whenever it’s possible.

I don’t know how to break down my own hate.

With hallucinogen drugs. Taking LSD and magic mushrooms with friends.

I’m lucky that my parents are really good people who don’t spread war hate. But you have to know that my brother was killed in Dubrovnik 1991. by Serbs and they butcher him with chain saw in three parts. Still, my parents didn’t start to hate Serbs and Montenegrians. They forgave but they didn’t forget. How could they?

It’s important to talk about it. All the way to the smallest details, make free that memory, and then maybe it will make free part of that feelings.

I met many of that kind of people and most of them don’t hate. The one that hate needs therapy.

Explain him how much his hate is making life harder to new generation.

I believe person grows by personal achievements. Help him to find goals and achieve them.

I never experience such or similar experience, so it’s always hard to find convincing argument. But humor is always a good way to open minds

I would walk with them on long walks in quite green open space, and not try to change them, just to listen and discus as they wish.

Hug that person and tell him/her not to hate. Because if he/she hates, the only thing that he/she hates are himself/herself.

That person can be healed with stories, with getting to know the opposite side. Stories shape customs and customs shape life.

I’m not sure. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to live within a war camp, to survive torture and trauma. I simply can’t imagine. I’m sure that I wouldn’t appreciate anyone else trying to interrupt or disrupt the way I’m feeling following such an experience. Living through a war camp and surviving torture and trauma, I’m sure, is an incredibly personal experience. Having worked with people who have survived torture and trauma and experienced immense loss and grief – I bask in the true glory of the human spirit – to endure, to survive, and to come out the other side and still be able to smile, laugh, to feel joy and to function. As it is such an individual and varied experience, there is always the possibility that enduring hate serves a purpose – perhaps a need to remember, a motivator to survive and continue with life. I don’t know. I can’t even begin to imagine.

9 /// What connection, if any, do you see between forgiving and forgetting?

I believe that forgiving doesn’t go without forgetting.

To forgive means to heal the wound and to forget means to violently stop the pain.

People usually find it hard to forgive. Sometimes it seems that they more easily forget. and all the things we cannot forget (if they are bad), cannot be forgiven either.

Forgetting is on the opposite side of forgiving.

Forgiving = spiritual category; forgetting = materialistic category.

Forgiving is a conscious act. Forgetting is an unconscious process.

Forgiving means remembering in a very specific and painful way. Forgetting is the inability to forgive, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Forgiving confronts, forgetting postpones.

Forgiving is consciously letting go of something very bad, but keeping in mind the consequences and danger. Forgetting means it’ll probably come back to hunt you down.

The ego is a hindrance to both. The difference is, in my opinion that forgetting happens fairly easy, unlike forgiving. To forgive, you sometimes have to make a conscious effort to see the human part of the person who has done you wrong.

For me forgiving is the ability to be grateful to someone for giving you the experience to learn and grow as a human being. To acknowledge that you have been gifted with an experience to shape and mould you as a human being. To forget is when the mind and the soul miss the opportunity to reflect and absorb the experiences around us. To be unable to do either? Well I can only imagine – that is where the true misfortune must lie. To forget the result is unconscious bliss. To forgive is to grow and find peace. To be unable to do either – how encumbering? But then again – maybe holding onto the suffering serves a purpose. To remember? To maintain a connection to a shared experience and culture of suffering? To feel something?

I’m not sure it is the best to forgive and forget. Forgiving involves remorse and acceptance of the past. This makes forgiving inclusive between the aggrieved parties. It is necessary for healing. Forgetting can be done without addressing the issue. Also, it can be done by just one party, irrespective of the desires or feelings of the other party. It is exclusive. Forgetting can also be like erasing, like it neverhappened. This is dangerous. It encourages or allows feelings to be buried or swallowed. This stops healing and tends to freeze people in time. It attempts to move on without remorse, without acceptance.

If you immediately try to forget something painful, you cannot easily forgive. At the beginning you should force yourself to remember, to remember in details. Only after this step it is possible to (try to) forgive. For a true forgiveness, you should not simply turn your back to your pain or to one who caused your pain. That can be hard. After re-elaboration of your past, forgiveness can be possible. Then, it is only when you have completely forgiven, you can, eventually begin to forget.

People usually say that they can forgive, but not forget. I think that constantly remembering something in your heart and in your mind can also be heavy feelings, poisoning the person that cannot forget. Many people that think that they had forgiven, actually haven’t. While they remember, they unconsciously “live“ their past, carrying hurtful memories. If we want to live now, if we want to grow and live love, it is needed to let go of memories, because that is the only way to heal yourself, and to be truly happy. Our past may have shaped part of our identity and made us to be who we are today, but now we can live without it. We are always much more than all the identities that we are imposed in life.

10 /// How would you explain to an alien why humans have wars?

Because the people in power have interest in keeping us divided and afraid of the unknown.

I would tell them that we unfortunately didn’t evolve to the level of caring, past power and egoism to the level of universal synergy. The human species is still too tied to the material: land, water, air, but not on the spiritual level, but on the destructive one. I would ask them to keep their fingers crossed for us and come back later to see how we’re doing. If we haven’t destroyed ourselves in the meantime.

I’m not sure why humans have wars. I’m not predisposed to violence myself. I would much rather love, hold hands and/or cuddle someone. For me this is more pleasurable. So why do people have wars? Maybe they don’t have anyone to hug? Wars are launched by the rich and powerful. Often in pursuit of more riches and power. I guess the fear in not going to war is that the powerless and poor might rise to power and do to them what they have done to the powerless and poor. So those who start wars are trapped by their own powerlessness – unable to have faith in the good in the world.

I think the best way to explain to an alien why we have wars is because our knowledge is so limited. Probably the aliens will never visit us as long as we are as stupid as we are. Probably a lot of other species from other galaxies are having parties and get togethers, looking down and laughing at us.

When there is a war inside there is a war outside. I would tell them about the human mind and the untrained ego.

Because they are selfish and egoistic.

Because of money.

Because they are terribly scared of anything that is different from them.


Maybe I am alien because I can’t understand why there is war!

As a result of greed in human nature, comes hate, and that brings us to wars.

Because they are animals which refuse to accept the fact that they are animals.

It’s a natural human desire to develop and to “expand“ on as many levels as possible and in order to do so it is sometimes necessary to destroy something else.

Dear aliens, humans had wars to gain land. Now they have wars to gain oil. It’s about resourses.

Dear alien, you have to see this: a human being is an animal, and thus social interactions have been dominated for thousands of years by instinct and survival of species. With time, although our lives are usually (in the western world) less and less threatened, some individuals have kept this instinct and transformed it into a blind seeking of power, privileging (paradoxically) their access to thatpower, over the lives of billions of people.

Because they have an overwhelming desire for power and supremacy. Wars are the product of agreement; specific interests of the ruling and wealthy who think that everyone else in the world is there for them and to use them as pawns. They have wars because they haven’t yet reached a sufficient degree of self-awareness, altruism and modesty, and are blinded by trade, power and money. People are gullible and easily give way under the influence of external circumstances.

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