Love. Unconditionally.

Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces. Rumi

Unconditional love, you wrote me the other day, after months of silence. Just two words that filled my soul to the top with milk and honey. But it made me think. Is it really possible, the concept of unconditional love?

000016 (4)

No matter how two people change and no matter what they do? No matter how far apart they are and no matter how much time goes away? Can we really love without expectations and projections?

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I always think and feel that love is much more than romance or friendship, strict and limiting forms in which humans put the strongest and the purest energy in the universe. And I guess the highest and the truest love actually must be the unconditional one.



The truth is that I don’t miss you anymore, but sometimes, when I remember you, I feel you like a vulcano that is sleeping under my skin. Other hands were touching my body and other lips were talking about love in my ears. Many things changed in and around me since we split, many feelings flew away or faded. But you, my dear, you, my lover and my companion, my teacher and my mirror, you stayed.


And will our roads cross again, soon or ever, does it really matter? We already are. Love. Unconditionally.

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