Can we save the child in us?


Do social systems and communities in which a child growing up and forming its own identity can have guaranteed freedom to become anything it wants and can become, still exist?

A child does not know its limitations. In time, it will see that his or her parents have a lined up scheme for a grown up person in which they want their child to grow up. Children don’t know that education system of today is not made up in order for them to live up to their potential and dreams, but simply to make them into stable little wheels of society, conformist citizens, loan owners, god’s little sheep. Work, spend and pray. And so on, in a circle. Until the end.

Can we save the child in us? Can we, in spite of the pressure of our surroundings, remain free as a bird and clean as dreams of a three-year-old? A lot of us won’t dare to step out of the matrix. We’ll finish school. Find a job. Settle down. And, of course, reproduce. Everything in order, fine and rectilinear. We’ll count our days on this Earth in a unconscious, grey dream.

Artists, as those who are able, more than others, to evade that scenario, remain children and see the world as a multicolored playground. The price they pay might seem high to some, a lot of geniuses died in an absolute poverty, alone and forgotten! Their words, images and melodies still live today to give faith in the human kind.

That’s why this series of photographs by Ines Kotarac, with the model Andrea Resner and inspired by Ivana Omazić collection celebrates artists, childhood and freedom!


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