Artist’s statement

When I started doing photography, it was all about Beauty. Then I wrote: “If every photo is a self-portrait of the author, which I would like to believe is true, then I want  my photographs to be reflections of my amorousness towards life and mirrors in which the world can see its Beauty”. As the time passed, that was not enough. I didn’t give up on aesthetic side of my shots, but they became more social aware and political. I started using photography also as a tool for promoting ideas that I find important, and generally fighting against systems and borders, and spreading peace.

Photography gave me a language that can most clearly and honestly express how I feel about the world, how I see it and what can I do / want / need to give back. At the same time, by stopping time which in the real world irreversibly passes, it seems to me that in that tiny fraction of a second, by holding breath and moving just one finger, I surpass transience, loss and death.

When we talk about the technical side of my photography, it should be noted that I use different cameras because it is interesting for me to observe all the ways in which the form (black and white / color, 35mm film / 120 mm film) affects the content. I equally appreciate spontaneity, reflection, and response in time (timely placing frames on a piece of the world) as well as and staging scenes, models and props (transferring a vision or a dream to the picture).

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