INES KOTARAC grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. She lived in Zagreb, Berlin and Istanbul and curently she is based in Split. She graduated in Comparative LITERATURE and Croatian LANGUAGE and literature and for years worked as an ART JOURNALIST, a LEXICOGRAPHER and a PROOFREADER. In FOTOKLUB ZAGREB she successfully finished four seminars about photography in general, digital photography and aesthetics of photography. In last few years she is mostly doing projects in which she is combining PHOTOGRAPHY & WRITING.





My own, exhibition in a private apartment where the author lived in Bozidar Adzija street, Zagreb, Croatia

B is for Body, Gray gallery, AKC Medika, Zagreb, Croatia

B is for Body, Gallery Garbas, Rijeka, Croatia


B is for Body, Art house Kriterion, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

B is for Body, Materra mesto, Novi Sad, Serbia

B is for Body, Art&bar Suzie Fu, Berlin, Germany


Berlin notes, Boonika, Zagreb, Croatia

Drops against oblivion, Cafe Pappelreihe, Berlin, Germany

Drops against oblivion, Cafe Lajka, Prague, Czech Republic

Drops against oblivion, Gallery of Erste club, Rijeka, Croatia

Drops against oblivion, No name Gallery, Split, Croatia

Drops against oblivion, AK Gallery, Koprivnica, Croatia

Drops against oblivion, Peace Flame House, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Drops against oblivion, Cafe gallery Frida Kahlo, Novi Sad, Serbia

Drops against oblivion, Mobile Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia

Drops against oblivion, The Fridge, Sofia, Bulgaria

Drops against oblivion, Closet Circuit, Istanbul, Turkey


Collective as a curator, Komşu Kafe, Istanbul, Turkey

Myself, Praktika gallery, Split, Croatia


My queens, Praktika gallery, Split, Croatia

My queens, Gray gallery, AKC Medika, Zagreb, Croatia




Days of Tošo Dabac, The Tošo Dabac Archive, exhibition of works made on workshops on the festival, Zagreb, Croatia


My beautiful Trešnjevka, Modulor Gallery, Center for culture Trešnjevka, Zagreb, Croatia


Every tree stands and thinks, Gallery Galženica, Velika Gorica, Croatia

Drops against oblivion, part of the festival Art an der Grenze, Frankfurt Oder, Germany

We.Never.Existed., together with artist Aino El Solh they made Hot second cold minute = Love, as part of the festival 48 Stunden Neukoelln, Mrs. Black House, Berlin, Germany

Drops against oblivion, part of the festival Stapari International Arts Summer Fest, Stapari, Serbia


House of Flamingo, The party am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Germany


Once upon a pink, Akupinktur and Pink off, Puderraum, Berlin, Germany

Autoportret – Selfie, The Karlovac City Museum, Karlovac, Croatia









In the 14th issue of the magazine DEFEATED, which is dedicated to void, she published her first photo and in the next, 15th issue of the same magazine, which was focused on portraits, four of her photographs were out.

http://issuu.com/defeated_mag/docs/voidissuefinalxs/17 http://issuu.com/defeated_mag/docs/portraitissuemagcloudfinal

Her photographs (19 of them) were published and used for the cover in Croatian magazine for literature QUORUM. She also made her own accordian photobook DIRECTION GREEN.


Croatian publisher DISPUT took her photograph for six book covers so far.


She was featured author in the 21st edition of magazine FRRRESH. Have a look at the whole magazine here: http://issuu.com/frrresh/docs/frrresh21/91?e=7797743/10370733


For finishing her series DROPS AGAINST OBLIVION (OR LOOKING FOR THE LOST HOMELAND) Kotarac got financial support through STEP BEYOND TRAVEL GRANT from European Cultural Foundation.





Ines Photo15_14

In July 2014 the artist was selling her works on the ART SALE which was part of the FESTIVAL AM SPREEKNIE (Berlin) and in August 2014 she participate in the KUNSTAUKTION in WERKSTADT (Berlin) (link: http://www.werkstadt-berlin.com/en/exhibitions/art-auction).



I do what I love, but that would not be possible without some great people that helped me and supported me along the way.

000012 (2)

My gratitude goes to the sky to: Dunja Ribarić, Tanja Minarik, Tate Bourke, Paul Daly, Éva J. Reisch-Vida, Marija Perica, Aino El Solh, Sara Terry, Kemal Smajić, Karlo Kotarac, Filip Rožić, Đurđica Dragojević, Nadja Tobias, Adela Levis, Ivan Butina, Jacqueline Li, Viktor Phaar, Marijana Mustra, Antonio Kiselić, Marino Čajdo, Ivan Pavlić, Dana Budisavljević, Augustin Zonjić, Andrea Teftedarija, Ivona Ivković, Essi Hyyppä, Rosa Schreieck, Mirza Softić, Alexandra Lyamina, Riccardo Alvaro, Drago i Mirjana Kotarac, Dragica Mišura, Nataša Brozović, Sanda Vujnić, Mathilde Schoenauer Sebag, Karla Stereochemistry, Fanny Hagmeier, Anja Nikolić Hoyt, Maja Bratanić, Thomas Lass, Mirna Stanić, Anđelija Aranđelović, Virginia Maiorino, Davor Mandić, Tanja Špoljar, Krunoslav Koprivnjak, Adela Lovrić, Deniz Tavli, Tena Razumović Žmara, Tomislav Žmara, Dina Jokanović, Leila Hadžić, Muris Halilović, Mirza Softić, Joanna Petkiewicz, Filip Mursel Begović, Anes Osmić, Slobodanka Poštić, Nena Bugarski, Jasmina Ina Redžepagić, Berkay Karakaya, Gonca Kara, Eileen Knielingen, Natalia Todorova, Ivana Nemcheva, Nadine Heller, Adela Jureckova, Ivana Pirkovska, Nikola Križanac, Tina Vukasović, Boccarass/Mr. Be, Biljana Bošnjaković, Đurđica  , Filip Rožić, Daša Hekman, Nikola Pisarev, Vojo Cvetanovski, Emina Herman, Paul Brownlee, Adrijan Karavdić, Slobodan Kojadinović, Marko Radojičić, bend Topola, Foto studio Centar, Zagreb, Queer Zagreb, STEP Beyond Travel grant – European Cultural Foundation…

© Ines Kotarac  – All rights reserved All material contained within this blog, whether photographic or written is subject to copyright. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without prior approval and permission granted by the author, is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links to photography may be used, provided that ©Ines Kotarac is credited, such that it directly refers to and reflects the original source and material content.

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